Thought Huddle is a new podcast highlighting thinkers and doers who are devoted to creating meaningful impact. It explores ideas, tells stories, and helps make sense of our complicated and beautiful world.   

Episode 16
historical image of black slaves in a field

American capitalism was built on the backs of slaves and the slave economy — and not just in the South.

Episode 15
vintage editorial cartoon about voting

The practice of lynching was originally used against British loyalists.

Episode 14
overview of four people holding hands, with the hands and arms making a square shape

Organizations serving the public during the crisis of COVID-19 are facing their own challenges.

Episode 13
historic painting of creature with child's head, wings and a man's body

Romantic love was long considered an illness — with some bizarre and harrowing treatments. 

Episode 12
illustration of four face emojis wearing masks

Poor and minority communities were at a disadvantage before COVID-19, but they are getting hit hardest now. Can the U.S.

Episode 11
medical testing vials

Reliable and fast testing is needed all over the U.S. to confront the spread of COVID-19. We talk with Dr.

Episode 10
18th century editorial illustration of people with diseases

In 18th-century England, viruses and bacteria were not understood — but the idea of contagion was part of the social fabric. 

Episode 9
woman looking out window

In this time of coronavirus crisis, how do we best care for others and ourselves? And how do nurses in particular manage amid this pandemic?

Episode 8
historic illustration representing the plague

Editor's note: This is the first program in a series addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 7
flying alien saucer

The notion of aliens from other planets often conjures images of flying saucers and little green men. But could they really exist?