A petri dish of insects under a microscope

The nitidulid beetle plays a dangerous game. It disguises itself as an ant, lurks along their foraging trails and tricks them into giving it food. The beetle is so good at deception that it gets more food from ants than ants get from their fellows. But if the ants find out, reprisal can be brutal. A paper published by a pair of ASU scientists detailed this practice, giving a glimpse into a world inside ant colonies resembling a cross between a World War II spy thriller and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

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Drylab Town
8 people, 30 days and 100 degrees in the Mojave desert: An ASU water experiment to remember Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts School of Sustainability Sustainability Arts
“Surprisingly, changing policies — even those as simple as boarding patterns — can have a significant impact on the global spread of an infectious disease.” - Anuj Mubayi, assistant professor, School of Human Evolution and Social Change

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