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"Transforming Contagion" book cover with plague mask on front
July 2018
Rutgers University Press

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Transforming Contagion

Risky Contacts Among Bodies, Nations, and Disciplines
Edited by: 
Breanne Fahs
Annika Mann
Eric Swank
Sarah Stage

Moving from viruses, vaccines and copycat murder to gay panics, xenophobia and psychopaths, "Transforming Contagion" energetically fuses critical humanities and social science perspectives into a boundary-smashing interdisciplinary collection on contagion. The contributors provocatively suggest contagion to be as full of possibilities for revolution and resistance as it is for the descent into madness, malice and extensive state control. The infectious practices rooted in politics, film, psychological exchanges, social movements, the classroom and the circulation of a literary text or meme on social media compellingly reveal patterns that emerge in those attempts to re-route, quarantine, define or even exacerbate various contagions.


Breanne Fahs is professor of women and gender Studies at ASU.

Annika Mann is associate professor of English at ASU. 

Eric Swank is associate professor of social and cultural analysis at ASU.

Sarah Stage is professor of women and gender studies at ASU.