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Cover of book featuring an image of Mars
May 2014


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Mars 3-D

A Rover's-Eye View of the Red Planet
Jim Bell

Planetary scientist Jim Bell leads us on another exhilarating tour of the Red Planet — and this revised, expanded edition of "Mars 3-D" includes the latest images from NASA's revolutionary Mars Science Laboratory mission. Brief essays survey the advanced technologies and promising discoveries of the Mars exploration rover program, followed by 150 spectacular full-color and 3D photos. More than 30 brand-new pictures taken over the past five years reveal the rocks, craters, valleys, and other geologic configurations that define the Martian terrain, while captions explain the various conclusions scientists have drawn about the planet's geological composition. Bell has first-hand experience with both rover missions, and his considerable expertise provides astronomy buffs with a cutting-edge look at this always-intriguing planet. 3-D glasses are included!


Jim Bell is a professor at the School of Earth and Space Exploration and is president of the Planetary Society. He has been involved in such NASA robotic exploration missions as the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR), Mars Pathfinder, the Mars rovers "Spirit," "Opportunity," and "Curiosity," and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.