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Cover of "Atlas of Men" featuring medical photos of a man's body
October 2018
Volcano Cannon Press


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Atlas of Men

David Sklar

Dr. Robert Thames is an infectious disease specialist who travels the world in search of new antibiotics. Just as he learns his job is about to be cut, three mysterious boxes unexpectedly arrive at his D.C. home filled with documents about a secret research study conducted many years before at Dexter Academy, a prestigious prep school he had attended. He had participated in this research but had repressed all memories of this degrading “study,” particularly the naked photos, but the boxes bring it all back. He is shocked and outraged to learn that the original intent of the research was to explore the relationship between body type and leadership qualities. He tracks down his four closest friends from the academy, and together they uncover the terrible truth of what was buried by the faculty, the school and the boys themselves.


David Sklar is an emergency physician, editor of the journal Academic Medicine and faculty member at ASU's College of Health Solutions.