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Happening Now

What's going on here at ASU and around the nation:

Monsoon 2017

Arizona’s monsoon storms are slamming into the Valley. While we don't know exactly when they'll hit or how hard, we can count on a predictable pattern: First come the high winds, then the downpours and dangerous flash floods, and finally a dust storm. Arizona climatologist Nancy Selover, who is a research professor at ASU, is answering questions to help understand what’s ahead this season. You can also take a look at our monsoon Q&A with Nancy Selover. 

G20 Summit

All eyes were on Germany for the G20 Summit, as the world anxiously awaited to hear about global trade, climate change and terrorism. Several hot topics were on the agenda, but global leadership is looking different with a new president. Allen Morrison is the Chief Executive Officer and Director General of the Thunderbird School of Global Management, he can dissuss what's ahead in global leadership.

The Great American Eclipse

The “Great American Eclipse” is making a return engagement this summer. On Aug. 21, the sun, moon and Earth will realign for a spectacular total solar eclipse event, one that will cast a shadow of darkness coast-to-coast across the contiguous United States for the first time in almost a century. It’s expected to be the most watched, most photographed and most televised astronomical event of a generation. Find out what ASU is doing to help the public witness this event.


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Experts are available for interviews on these current topics:

Climate Change

Nadya Bliss
Director, ASU’s Global Security Initiative
EXPERTISE: National security challenges of climate change 

Russian Hacking

Mark von Hagen
Professor, School of Politics and Global Studies
EXPERTISE: Russian history, politics, civil-military relations

North Korea

Jamie Winterton
ASU Global Security Initiative, Director of Strategic Initiatives
EXPERTISE: Kim dynasty, North Korean conflicts, weapons arsenal and readiness



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