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New research reveals the social communication challenges of aging with autism

In the United States, the number of children who have been diagnosed with autism is 1 in 59. Within a decade or two, there will be a population of about 1 million adults on the spectrum. B. Blair Braden, assistant professor in the College of Health Solutions, has just published a series of studies in the scholarly journal, Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, that probe the specific question of how social and verbal fluency change as individuals with autism age.

Measles outbreak: Straight answers about the vaccine

A measles outbreak that has affected 66 people in the state of Washington has drawn national attention and prompted lawmakers on Capitol Hill to hold a congressional hearing on the matter. While measles was eliminated from the United States in 2000 thanks to widespread vaccination programs, the disease is experiencing a resurgence due to declining vaccination rates. In this Q&A, Swapna Reddy and Matthew Speer from the College of Health Solutions explain the public health risks of a measles outbreak and the role of vaccines in preventing the spread of disease.

Big fat lies about obesity

Glenn Gaesser, professor in the College of Health Solutions, is challenging the long-held premise that obesity is the primary cause of many major weight-related health conditions. According to Gaesser, who has studied obesity for more than a quarter-century, “health encompasses much more than a number on a scale. We tend to get hung up on weight and that is a problem.” In this Q&A, Gaesser shares his perspective and how he fully expects that his stance will get mixed reactions.

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Neal Lester
Professor, Department of English
EXPERTISE: Race and recent violence

North Korea

Daniel Rothenberg
Co-Director, Center on the Future of War; Professor of Practice, School of Politics and Global Studies
EXPERTISE: War, politics, law and human rights

Border Issues

Francisco Lara-Valencia
Associate Professor, School of Transborder Studies Policy
EXPERTISE: Planning along the border and issues related to drug cartels and immigration


Paul Carrese
Founding Director and Professor, School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership
EXPERTISE: Politics and Civility 
Got a Minute? Paul Carrese on Civility

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