Devils in the Details is a conversation with experts from Arizona State University who are doing the work, the research, the collaboration that makes ASU the most innovative university in America. Learn more about a wide range of interesting things people are up to – the details, from the Devils doing the work.

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ASU is launching a new laboratory dedicated to keeping our planet habitable and enhancing the options for future generations to thrive.

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Director Margaret Calacci of the Grace Center for Innovation in Nursing Education, needed to build a robust, remote nursing education program on the fly to keep the education and future careers on track for more than 300 nursing students.

We explore the role being played by Arizona State University’s Center for Emergency Management and Homeland Security during the COVID-19 pandemic response.

We look at Summer 2020 and why this will be a huge opportunity for people to get ahead in their learning. In a period of economic uncertainty, higher education remains one of the best investments people can make.

The U.S. lags in COVID-19 testing worldwide, but the best way out of the current coronavirus pandemic crisis is through expanded testing. Josh LaBaer of Arizona State University's Biodesign Institute walks host Mi-Ai Parrish through the latest research developments.

About Mi-Ai Parrish
Mi-Ai Parrish is the Sue Clark-Johnson Professor of Media Innovation and Leadership at the Cronkite School, and is managing director of the ASU Media Enterprise. She is known nationally as a newsroom leader, having served as publisher of The Arizona Republic, president and publisher of The Kansas City Star and president and publisher of The Idaho Statesman.