Significant changes will include the implementation of a newly integrated library system and updated service platform, a merging of technology and bibliographic units, the expansion of the ASU Digital Repository, and a new name: ASU Library. What’s available online and what’s available in ASU Library’s buildings will all add up to one library accessible to every ASU user.

“The name change is reflective of the work we are doing to better integrate and align our services for a more seamless customer service experience,” said Tomalee Doan, associate university librarian. “The new digital service platform we’re building will transform the ways in which we do business and operate as a library, in addition to how we connect users to information.

“We are taking a look through a different lens, looking at every tool and every service option possible. It’s a total transformation; we are really building a library of the future.”

Under this new library system, customers can expect more rapid service than before, with expedited and same-day delivery options available, similar to Amazon Prime. In addition, the new system will offer advanced digital tools for searching, browsing, sharing and customizing information and materials.

“Research and teaching excellence depends on stellar library resources and support,” said Devoney Looser, a professor in ASU’s Department of English and chair of the Library Liaison Committee. “These plans for bringing forward ASU Library promise to enhance and expand opportunities for faculty and student knowledge-building. What a fantastic thing for our community.”

As the digital library and the nature of e-books continue to evolve, O’Donnell says the goal is for ASU Library to be well positioned to harness them.

“It’s an exciting time for libraries that are beginning to find their foothold in the digital age,” O’Donnell said. “We’ve got so much to offer, and with today’s technologies and ASU’s resources, together, there is limitless potential for what we can do.”

For more information about the renovation, see Hayden Renovation FAQs.

Britt Lewis

Communications Specialist, ASU Library