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Update: We have many great stories available in this month’s issue. A digital edition in PDF format is available now with helpful updates and links so you can access the latest event information, as it may have changed since press time.

September 2019: Vol. 22, No. 4

September 2019

Featured stories

Survival, resilience, rediscovery

Survival, resilience, rediscovery

Naruro Hassan’s extraordinary journey led her from war-torn Somalia to ASU.
Saving oceans from the sky

Saving oceans from the sky

ASU researchers Greg Asner and Robin Martin are creating game-changing technology for preserving endangered marine life and shorelines.

Tiny little pieces of plastic are getting into everything

So Beth Polidoro and her ASU SWAT team set out to make the world’s oceans and the seafood we eat safe from microplastics and other pollutants.

Cultural pride by design

Loren Aragon once engineered military shock absorbers; now he’s dazzling the fashion world with inventive designs honoring Native American culture.
May Busch: Advice I’d give my younger self

May Busch: Advice I’d give my younger self

If I could go back to when I was starting my career, here are four things I would tell myself.

Five things to stop saying right now

We might not always know what to say in certain business situations, but some things must be left unsaid.

Summer as an intern in L.A.

How one ASU student and one recent graduate advanced their career goals.