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hardcover book: The War for Gaul
A New Translation
Translated by Jim O'Donnell

Imagine a book about an unnecessary war written by the ruthless general of an occupying army — a vivid and dramatic propaganda piece that forces ...

Cover of A Drink of Red Mirror by Kim Kyesoon translated by Jiwon Shin, Lauren Albin, and Sue Hyon Bae
Kim Hyesoon
Translated by Jiwon Shin, Lauren Albin, Sue Hyon Bae

A landmark feminist poet and critic in her native South Korea, Kim Hyesoon’s surreal, dagger-sharp poetry has spread from hemisphere to hemisphere ...

Outsiders: Why Difference is the Future of Civil Rights
Zachary Kramer

What is the future of civil rights?

Like a living thing, discrimination evolves, adapting to its time. As ...

Cover of Floodgate Poetry Series Vol. 5 co-authored by T.R. Hummer
Sarah Rebecca Warren
Edited by Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum

"Floodgate Poetry Series, Vol. 5" collects three chapbooks in a single volume: Sarah Rebecca Warren’s "Price of Admission," Derrick Weston Brown’s ...

Cover showing a stylized sun created of differently colored rings, over the title "The Weight of Light"
A Collection of Solar Futures
Edited by Joey Eschrich, Clark A. Miller

A collection of science fiction stories, art and essays exploring human futures powered by solar energy, with an upbeat, solarpunk twist. What ...

Cover of A History of Irish Modernism edited by Gregory Castle and Patrick Bixby
Edited by Gregory Castle, Patrick Bixby

"A History of Irish Modernism" examines a wide variety of artworks (from the 1890s to the 1970s), including examples from literature, film, ...

Cover of Revenge of the Asian Woman by Dorothy Chan
Dorothy Chan

"Revenge of the Asian Woman" is really about “it,” whether that “it” is the It girl, the It trend, or that ineffable feeling you have in “LA, 3 AM ...

Cover of Critical Reflections on Research Methods co-edited by Doris Warriner
Power and Equity in Complex Multilingual Contexts
Edited by Doris S. Warriner, Martha Bigelow

This book explores the challenges and opportunities involved in conducting research with members of immigrant, refugee and other minoritized ...


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