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Cover for "The Least Likely Criminal" with a mother's hands behind bars
A Mother Risks Everything for the Marijuana That Will Save Her Son's Life
Jeni Grossman

"The Least Likely Criminal" is a deeply honest look at how far a mother will go to meet her son’s needs after he is hit by a car. Grossman co- ...

book cover of "Coma Dreams"

Struggling with inner demons after the loss of his child, Retired Air Force Colonel Brett Stafford is in search of missing pieces in his life when ...

Cover of "TV Girls" featuring an illustration of a high-heeled show cracking a TV screen
Dana Diehl

The winner of New Delta Review's Seventh Annual Chapbook Contest ...

Cover of "Training to Deliver Integrated Care" with a blue background
Skills Aimed at the Future of Healthcare
Edited by C. R. Macchi, Rodger Kessler

This manual is relevant for a broad array of training programs that prepare skilled behavioral healthcare practitioners and managers to work in ...

Cover of "A Tender Force" by Melissa Joseph featuring an image of a tree at dusk
Melissa Joseph

"A Tender Force" is a volume of 100 powerful and moving poems by Melissa Joseph covering topics of tenderness, suffering, connection, sensuality, ...

Cover of Arizona Time with desert background
A Novel and Five Shorts
Scott C. Seckel

Dry heat. Drifting sand. Broken people. In "Arizona Time," they weave into a hypnotic haze where the ghost of Tom Mix shares the ...

Cover of "Dynamic Mars" featuring an image of the surface of Mars
Recent and Current Landscape Evolution of the Red Planet
Tanya Harrison
Edited by Richard Soare, Susan Conway, Stephen Clifford

Tanya Harrison is one of three authors who contributed to the third chapter, "Martian Gullies and Their Connection with the Martian Climate," of " ...

A History of United States Slavery
Calvin Schermerhorn

Written as a narrative history of slavery within the United States, "Unrequited Toil" details how an institution that seemed to be ...


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