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Shaping Suburbia
How Political Institutions Organize Urban Development Book
Paul G. Lewis

"Shaping Suburbia" examines the politics of suburban growth and argues that the key to understanding suburbia is to understand the local ...

Emergence - Labeled Autistic book cover
A True Story
Temple Grandin

Now with a new introduction Temple Grandin's groundbreaking book chronicles the remarkable and inspiring true story of how she overcame the ...

The Manufactured Crisis
Myths, Fraud, and the Attack on America's Public Schools
David C. Berliner

"The Manufactured Crisis" debunks the myths that test scores in America's schools are falling, that illiteracy is rising, and that better ...

Food and the Status Quest book cover image
An Interdisciplinary Perspective
Edited by Pauline Wiessner, Wulf Schiefenhovel

The use of food to negotiate status is found in all human societies. Here, for the first time, a single book brings together contributions ...

The Social Dynamics book cover image
Michelle Hegmon

Native peoples of the American Southwest have decorated their pottery with beautiful painted designs for more than a thousand years. ...

Cover of Anglo-American Feminist Challenges to the Rhetorical Traditions
Virginia Woolf, Mary Daly, Adrienne Rich
Krista Ratcliffe

One of the few authors to define and focus on feminist theories of rhetoric, Krista Ratcliffe takes Bathsheba s dilemma as her controlling ...

Book 1
Thuy-Kim Le

Listening, writing and in-class communication practice, along with pattern drills.

Published by Lê Phạm Thuý-Kim in 1996 ...

Cover of "Stylistics" featuring a collage of letters and fonts
A Practical Coursebook
Laura Wright

Using a wide range of 20th century literary prose, Laura Wright and Jonathan Hope provide an "interactive" introduction to the techniques of ...


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