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Exploring Earth's Environment
Michael Kelly

For use in classes on environmental science, environmental geology, physical geology, physical geography and Earth science. VR Excursions ...

Cover of "Titanic" co-edited by Sandler and Studlar featuring an image of the ship
Anatomy of a Blockbuster
Edited by Kevin S. Sandler, Gaylyn Studlar

On April 14, 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg off Newfoundland. Taking more than 1,500 souls with her, Titanic sunk on what was intended to be ...

Cover of Capirotada
A Nogales Memoir
Alberto Ríos

Capirotada, Mexican bread pudding, is a mysterious mixture of prunes, peanuts, white bread, raisins, milk, quesadilla cheese, butter, cinnamon and ...

Ecce Homo: Writings in Honour of Third-Millennium Man
Writings in Honour of Third-Millennium Man
Donald Johanson

A collection of essays documenting the scientific knowledge of the 20th century on the paleontology of man and the primates, retracing the phases ...

Cover of Of Giants
Sex, Monsters, And The Middle Ages
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen

A psychoanalytic look at the representation of monsters, giants and masculinity in medieval texts. The phenomenon of giants and giant-slaying ...

The Impact of the Colonies on British Culture
Edited by Julie Codell; Dianne S. Macleod

The cultural impact of the British on their colonies has been extensively investigated, but this text asks in what way British culture was ...

Mimbres during the Twelfth Century book cover image
Abandonment, Continuity, and Reorganization
Margaret Nelson

During the mid twelfth century, villages that had been occupied by the Mimbres people in what is now southwestern New Mexico were ...

Cover of "Desdemona's Fire" featuring an illustration of a red flame against a black background
Ruth Ellen Kocher

This is the author's first book and winner of the 1999 Naomi Long Madgett Poetry Award. While miscegenation has always been more a part of ...


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