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Close up on face of young man with steely blue-eyed stare, transparent image of email message heading superimposed
Don Bapst

Set in the world of American fashion publishing at the end of the 20th century with an all-male cast of characters, the epistolary novel " ...

Cover of By the Forces of Gravity by Rebecca Fish Ewan
A Memoir
Rebecca Fish Ewan

Rebecca Fish Ewan’s illustrated coming-of-age memoir "By the Forces of Gravity" is told through drawings and free verse. Set in 1970s Berkeley, ...

Cover of Invitation to a Bonfire by Adrienne Celt
A Novel
Adrienne Celt

The seductive story of a dangerous love triangle, inspired by the infamous Nabokov marriage, with a spellbinding psychological thriller at its ...

Cover of Fat Girl on a Plan by Kelly deVos
Kelly deVos

From debut author Kelly deVos comes an unforgettable novel, told in dual Fat and Skinny perspectives, about smart fashion, pursuing your dreams ...

Alimentary Performances book cover
Mimesis, Theatricality, and Cuisine
Kristin Hunt

A pea soda. An apple balloon. A cotton candy picnic. A magical mole. These are just a handful of examples of mimetic cuisine, a diverse set of ...

Prison Pedagogies, edited by Joe Lockard and Sherry Rankins-Robertson
Learning and Teaching with Imprisoned Writers
Edited by Joe Lockard, Sherry Rankins-Robertson

In a time of increasing mass incarceration, US prisons and jails are becoming a major source of literary production. Prisoners write for ...

The Intermediate Trombonist book cover
Building Blocks for Tone and Technique
Brad Edwards

Five sections devoted to the methodical development of intermediate trombonists.

An Encyclopedia and Documents Collection
Edited by Donald L. Fixico

This book examines the treaties that promised self-government, financial assistance, cultural protections and land to the ...


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