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C.K. Conners

Yet another responsibility has passed from the Author's plate onto mine: I am charged with writing the synopsis. As this is not a novel, a single ...

Style & Story by Stephen J. Pyne
A Guide to Literary Methods in Writing Nonfiction
Stephen J. Pyne

There are two basic rules for writing nonfiction, says historian and award-­winning author Stephen J. Pyne. Rule 1: You can’t make stuff up. Rule ...

Cover of "Thinking about Movies" featuring an audience watching a movie of a another person watching a movie of a person watching a movie on a phone
Watching, Questioning, Enjoying, 4th edition
Peter Lehman

"Thinking About Movies: Watching, Questioning, Enjoying, 4th Edition" is a thorough overview of movie analysis designed to enlighten both students ...

Cover of "Atlas of Men" featuring medical photos of a man's body
David Sklar

Dr. Robert Thames is an infectious disease specialist who travels the world in search of new antibiotics. Just as he learns his job is about to be ...

Integrating Transdisciplinary Perspectives
Jennifer L. S. Chandler and Robert E. Kirsch

This book contributes five novel tenets for building a critical theory of leadership studies. Drawing from transdisciplinary insights, these  ...

Cover of "Jack Rabbit" by Jan Kelly
Book Two of the Arizona Series
Jan Kelly

Navajo monster-slayer myths are threaded through the story of the runaway Rose, now 16, and Jack Rawlings’ cattle ranching family who live near ...

Cover of "Creating Literacy Communities as Pathways to Student Success" by Early and Saidy featuring a black background with color strip at top
Equity and Access for Latina Students in STEM
Jessica Singer Early

"Creating Literacy Communities as Pathways to Student Success" offers a model for using literacy as a pathway for secondary students to explore ...

Cover of "The Language of Humor" featuring an illustration of a cityscape
An Introduction
Alleen Pace Nilsen

Much of today's communication is carried out through various kinds of humor, and we therefore need to be able to understand its many aspects. Here ...


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