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Shaping Suburbia
October 1996
University of Pittsburgh Press

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Shaping Suburbia

How Political Institutions Organize Urban Development Book
Paul G. Lewis

"Shaping Suburbia" examines the politics of suburban growth and argues that the key to understanding suburbia is to understand the local governments that control it — their number, functions and power. Using innovative models and data analyses, Paul Lewis demonstrates that the relative political fragmentation of a metropolitan area plays a key part in shaping its suburbs.


Paul G. Lewis is an associate professor in the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University.

Praise for this book

Lewis's book is a major contribution to urban politics as well as to urban studies in general. It is the first full-length treatment of the political dimension of the recent transformation of the American metropolis, whereby many suburbs have evolved into full-fledged cities ...  Highly recommended.


Highly recommend[ed] ...  Asks the right questions and contributes to a dialogue about the likely benefits of regional government and a pragmatic approach for getting there.

Journal of the American Planning Association