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April 2012
Multilingual Matters

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Implementing Educational Language Policy in Arizona

Legal, Historical and Current Practices in SEI
Edited by: 
Beatriz Arias
Christian Faltis

This volume is a unique contribution to the study of language policy and education for English Learners because it focuses on the decade long implementation of “English Only” in Arizona. How this policy influences teacher preparation and classroom practice is the central topic of this volume. Scholars and researchers present their latest findings and concerns regarding the impact that a restrictive language policy has on critical areas for English Learners and diverse students. If a student's language is sanctioned, do they feel welcome in the classroom? If teachers are only taught about subtractive language policy, will they be able to be tolerant of linguistic diversity in their classrooms? The implications of the chapters suggest that Arizona's version of Structured English Immersion may actually limit English Learners' access to English.


Beatriz Arias is a professor emeritus of English at Arizona State University.

Christian J. Faltis is a professor emeritus of education at Arizona State University.

Praise for this book

"Evidence of the harmful effects of Arizona's instructional policy for English learners has mounted. This one volume, edited by Arias and Faltis, two of the nation's leading experts in the field, provides solid evidence carefully linked to theory, and compelling arguments for why the policy is blatantly discriminatory. It also provides important guidance for policymakers and the courts as they evaluate the legal basis for Arizona's misbegotten language instructional policy. Read it and be empowered to act!"

Patricia Gandara