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Cover of A History of Irish Modernism edited by Gregory Castle and Patrick Bixby
March 2019
Cambridge University Press

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A History of Irish Modernism

Edited by: 
Gregory Castle
Patrick Bixby

"A History of Irish Modernism" examines a wide variety of artworks (from the 1890s to the 1970s), including examples from literature, film, painting, music, radio and architecture. Each chapter considers a particular aspect of Irish culture and reflects on its contribution to modernism at large.

In addition to new research on Irish Revival and cultural nationalism, which places them squarely in the modernist arena, chapters offer transnational and transdisciplinary perspectives that place Irish cultural production in new contexts. At the same time, the historical standpoint adopted in each chapter enables our contributors to examine how modernist practices developed across geographical and temporal distances.

"A History of Irish Modernism" thus attests to the unique development of modernism in Ireland — driven by political as well as artistic concerns — even as it embodies aesthetic principles that are the hallmark of modernism in Europe, the Americas and beyond.


Gregory Castle is professor of English in literature at Arizona State University.

Patrick Bixby is associate professor in the School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies (New College) at ASU West.