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Cover of Handbook of Second and Foreign Language Writing
June 2018
Mouton De Gruyter

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Handbook of Second and Foreign Language Writing

Edited by: 
Rosa M. Manchón
Paul Kei Matsuda

The "Handbook of Second and Foreign Language Writing" is an authoritative reference compendium of the theory and research on second and foreign language writing that can be of value to researchers, professionals, and graduate students. It is intended both as a retrospective critical reflection that can situate research on L2 writing in its historical context and provide a state of the art view of past achievements, and as a prospective critical analysis of what lies ahead in terms of theory, research, and applications. Accordingly, the Handbook aims to provide 1. foundational information on the emergence and subsequent evolution of the field, 2. state-of-the-art surveys of available theoretical and research (basic and applied) insights, 3. overviews of research methods in L2 writing research, 4. critical reflections on future developments, and 5. explorations of existing and emerging disciplinary interfaces with other fields of inquiry.


Paul Kei Matsuda is a professor and director of second-language writing at Arizona State University.

Praise for this book

"The 'Handbook of Second and Foreign Language Writing' is a 'must have' for researchers, teachers, and their graduate students globally who want to know more about the many facets of learning, teaching, and researching writing in L2 English. Throughout this text with its comprehensive references, readers will know more about what theoretical developments to pursue, what research/ applications to explore, what research methods to apply, and what disciplinary boundaries to cross in second and foreign language (L2) writing scholarship."

Donna Bain Butler