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Emergence - Labeled Autistic book cover
September 1996
Warner Books

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Emergence: Labeled Autistic

A True Story
Temple Grandin
Margaret M. Scariano

Now with a new introduction Temple Grandin's groundbreaking book chronicles the remarkable and inspiring true story of how she overcame the challenge of autism. She was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. An obviously intelligent child with a thirst for knowledge, but unable to properly express herself or control her behavior, Grandin struggled through grade school.

Eventually moved from a "normal" school to an educational program for children with autism, she began to suffer "nerve attacks." Now Grandin tells the story of emerging from a fear-gripped child to become a successful professional and a world leader in not one, but two, entirely different fields. A chronical of perservance and courage, "Emergence" has given new hope and insight into autism for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. But even more, perspective on the vast potential of the human spirit.


Temple Grandin, author, animal scientist and autism activist, received her master’s degree in animal science from ASU (1975) and PhD from the University of Illinois. She was honored in Time Magazine’s 2010 list of “The 100 Most Influential People in the World,” and the HBO movie based on her life, starring Claire Danes, won seven Emmy Awards. She is a professor at Colorado State University.

Praise for this book

"A testament to the courage of a woman who has overcome a serious disability to lead a normal life. I hope all teachers and parents of autistic people will read and understand this book."

William Christopher
Actor (Father Mulcahy in TV's 'M*A*S*H') and father of an autistic child