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Cover of Charrería Mexicana by Kathleen Mullen Sands
August 1993
University of Arizona Press

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Charrería Mexicana

An Equestrian Folk Tradition
Kathleen Mullen Sands

In this first major English-language interpretation of charrería, Kathleen Mullen Sands describes the evolution of this equestrian tradition, highlighting the role of horsemen and women throughout Mexico's history. For those who believe cowboy culture and rodeo represent historic horsemanship in the United States, "Charrería Mexicana" reveals a festival of equal complexity and distinction.


Kathleen "Kay" Mullen Sands was professor of English at ASU from 1977–2003. Sands passed away in 2018.

Praise for this book

"'Charreria Mexicana' . . . is a thorough and painstaking study that goes well beyond analysis of the performance itself. . . . The book’s inclusiveness makes it a useful source of material notjust about the complex equestrian Mexican folk tradition known as charreria but also about the role of horsemanship in society."

Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence, Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine
American Anthropologist

"This fine monograph is based on participant observation, months of field work in 1990 and 1991 in Mexico and the United States, numerous interviews with a wide range of participants in charreria north and south of the border, and a broad familiarity with the classic and popular Mexican literature on charreria."

Harold E. Hinds, Jr., University of Minnesota-Morris
Studies in Latin American Popular Culture