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Book cover of "The Adventures of Lucy the Cow-Dog" with an illustration of a dog running on it
January 2020
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The Adventures of Lucy the Cow-Dog

The Journey Begins
Christine M. B. Smith
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Lucy has the wiggles and it keeps getting her into trouble! Can the Wise Old Beagle help her learn to be calm and quiet? Join Lucy as she sets off on an adventure to find out! In the first book of this new series, Lucy becomes homesick … until she encounters Sam, a proud cattle dog. As friendship becomes family, Lucy realizes that with patience, there is joy to be found in the journey, not just the destination!


Christine M.B. Smith, ASU class of 2004, spends most of her day managing a very active household filled with children Joshua, Teresa and Rachel, along with canine companions Max and Lucy. She shares this busy life with her wonderful husband and fellow ASU alumnus, Kendall. Prior to becoming a mother and an author, Christine worked with vehicle fleets to help them become more sustainable.

Praise for this book

"Life is definitely a journey, one of learning and experiences and looking for purpose and a meaningful existence. 'The Journey Begins,' does a fine job of introducing some of these concepts. As well as being a charming little dog story, beautifully illustrated and full of wiggling fun, the story is a valuable tool to teach young readers about growing up and learning, working towards one’s wisdom. The plot develops steadily and leads the reader to a rather surprising conclusion. Full of love and compassion and some humor as well, 'The Adventures of Lucy the Cow-Dog' is a fun read."

Emily-Jane Hills Orford

"We looooove Lucy the Cow-Dog! It is very exciting to love a book and find out that it is going to be a series. As a pup, Lucy loved when her Mother told her stories about the Wise Old Beagle. As soon as she was old enough, she went on a journey to find him. On her way, she meets a dog named Sam. They have many adventures and Lucy decides to stick around. You are going to have to get this book, to find out what happens next! Besides this story being fantastic, every time a book is sold, one dollar is donated to @utahfriendsofbassethounds."