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Cover of U.S. edition of Radical Wordsworth by Sir Jonathan Bate
The Poet Who Changed the World
Jonathan Bate

Published in time for the 250th anniversary of William Wordsworth’s birth, this is the biography of a great poetic genius, a ...

Cover of Not Go Away Is My Name by Alberto Ríos
Alberto Ríos

Resistance and persistence collide in Alberto Rios’s sixteenth book, "Not Go Away Is My Name," a book about past and present, changing ...

Cover of In These States by T.R. Hummer
T.R. Hummer

"In These States" is a partial road atlas of the contemporary U.S. soul.

Each of us has various existences, only a few of them ...

book cover of plastic water bottle floating in water
Illustrated by: Griffin Finke
Rolf Halden

What is the environment, this elusive object that impacts us so profoundly — our odds to be born; the way we look, feel, and function; and how ...

Cover of Radical Wordsworth by Jonathan Bate
The Poet Who Changed the World
Jonathan Bate

A dazzling new biography of Wordsworth’s radical life as a thinker and poetical innovator, published to mark the 250th anniversary of his birth. ...

Book cover will illustration of a city and children
What Kids Say About Living in San Francisco
Katie Burke

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a kid in San Francisco? Are you raising a kid in this or another urban center? San Francisco life is ...

Colorful image from the Hubble space telescope.
30 Years of Discoveries and Images
Jim Bell

Looking deep into space, by definition, means looking back in time — and the Hubble Space Telescope can look very far back, including at ...

book cover of "The Cheating Cell"
Illustrated by: Alex Cagan
How Evolution Helps Us Understand and Treat Cancer
Athena Aktipis

"The Cheating Cell" is a book about a new way of looking at cancer. It is about the fundamental evolutionary and ecological underpinnings of the ...


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