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Responding to a pandemic

We explore the role being played by Arizona State University’s Center for Emergency Management and Homeland Security during the COVID-19 pandemic response. Melanie Gall, a co-director for the center at ASU, created a data dashboard tool during a Florida hurricane that has been replicated for use during the COVID-19 response.

She discusses how this critical tool — see it at https://arcg.is/0XeaWu0 — has become an important part of disaster planning in the state of Arizona. Center co-director Brian Gerber will talk about how we’re using “EmergencyCorps@ASU” for student volunteer engagement.

The effort allows students to serve communities in Arizona and elsewhere through response volunteerism, emergency preparedness exercises, planning support and the like. Both Gall and Gerber also spotlight the active role our students are playing in response to the pandemic.

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