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Ventus: crowdsourcing to map global CO2 emissions

May 13, 2013

Climate science researchers from Arizona State University are launching a first-of-its-kind online “game” to better understand the sources of global warming gases. By engaging “citizen scientists,” the researchers hope to locate all the power plants around the world and quantify their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The game officially begins today and is housed on a website called “Ventus.” Ventus (the Latin word for wind) has a simple interface in which users enter basic information about the world’s power plants. By playing the game, people around the globe can help solve the climate change problem.

“While you might imagine that we would know where all the power plants are in the world and how much CO2 they are emitting, it turns out we don’t,” said Kevin Gurney, associate professor with ASU’s School of Life Sciences and senior sustainability scientist with the Global Institute of Sustainability. “We hope to gather a global team of people who want to make a difference – and do so, right now. The information we gather from Ventus can ultimately help determine what we as a society can do locally and globally about climate change.”

Lisa Robbins

editor/publisher, Media Relations and Strategic Communications