Safety Escort Service information

October 8, 2009

ASU’s Safety Escort Service has apparently received calls from female students reporting that a man in a white van contacted them claiming to be from Safety Escort Services and asking for their phone number.

ASU student government representatives have contacted ASU police to report what they have heard from these students. However, ASU police currently have no reports from any students that this is occurring. Download Full Image ASU students can keep in mind that Safety Escort Service representatives drive marked ASU vehicles and they all wear safety escort uniforms. Students may request a safety escort by calling (480) 965-1515. 

Students are also reminded of these safety tips:

• Never get into vehicles with strangers.

• Never give personal information including your name and phone number to anyone you don’t know.

• If you are contacted by someone claiming to be with Safety Escort Services when you did not request a safety escort, call 911 immediately.

• Or, use one of the blue emergency call boxes located throughout campus.

• If you are ever contacted by anyone who is suspicious or makes you feel uncomfortable, call 911.

Hodge quoted in 'State Press'

October 9, 2009

A recent lecture by" target="_blank">James G. Hodge Jr., the Lincoln Professor of Health Law and Ethics at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, about the global legal response to the H1N1 outbreak was reported on by the ASU State Press .

In an article entitled, "Professor: Public-health emergencies require drastic legal change," by reporter Stephanie Snyder, Hodge discussed the goals of legal triage, defined as the process of various levels of government responding to health issues. He spoke at an Oct. 6 meeting of the College's Law and Science Student Association. Download Full Image

"Legal triage refers to those efforts of legal actors and others to construct a favorable legal environment during emergencies ... to facilitate a legitimate public health response," he said.

Some of the challenges include international quarantine laws, international travel restrictions, allocation of antivirals and international trade restrictions, Snyder reported.

Hodge said the second wave of the so-called "swine flu" has begun, and it will require attention for several more years.

To read the full report, click" target="_blank">here.

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