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Montoya comments on innovation spillover

In an article published Dec. 14 in The New York Times, writer Annie Lowrey suggests that an expanding manufacturing industry in the United States will lead to a more innovative economy. 

Mitzi Montoya, vice provost and dean of ASU’s College of Technology and Innovation, explains that when we stop producing goods in the United States we lose our innovation edge.

If industries that produce high-technology products can keep their research and manufacturing employees in close proximity, they may be more innovative than industries that spread their sectors across the globe.

Lowrey also talked to Michael Idelchik, vice president for Advanced Technologies who said,” the idea is to keep all areas of a company – manufacturing, design, prototyping and production – closely knit in order to create a simultaneous process.”

Like Montoya and Idelchik, many experts in the field believe that expanding manufacturing in the United States would lead to innovation spillover that would help us sustain our competitive-edge.

Article Source: New York Times