Gas line break on Tempe campus repaired

July 2, 2012

The gas line break at the Palo Verde West building that was reported this morning has been repaired. All roads have been re-opened and the area is clear.

Before the repair, the incident had resulted in an evacuation of the Palo Verde West residential community, and the Palo Verde East and Main communities had been advised to stay inside or exit to the north. These measures are no longer in place. Download Full Image



Britt Lewis

Communications Specialist, ASU Library

Rothenberg speaks at Northwestern workshop

July 2, 2012

Daniel Rothenberg, Executive Director of the Center for Law and Global Affairs at the College of Law, gave a talk on June 1 at the Center for Forced Migration Studies at Northwestern University.

Rothenberg’s presentation, “Statistics and the visibility of suffering: Making sense of mass forced displacement in Iraq,” was part of the Center’s workshop, entitled, “How do we know what we know? Methods of documenting forced displacement in global crises.” Download Full Image

Rothenberg, a Professor of Practice at the College of Law, has more than 15 years of experience combining field research, project management and scholarship on international human rights and the rule of law. His research focuses on human rights documentation and analysis and transitional justice, particularly truth commissions, amnesty laws and reparations. Rothenberg has designed and managed rule of law projects in Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout Latin America including programs to train human rights NGOs, aid indigenous peoples in using international legal remedies and collect and analyze thousands of first-person narratives of victims of severe human rights violations.