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Donald V. Budinger honored with Alumni Appreciation Award

November 3, 2009

Donald V. Budinger was awarded the Alumni Appreciation Award from the ASU Alumni Association during the 2009 homecoming game. Budinger is a founder and former president of Rodel, Inc., a start-up company that grew to become the world’s largest manufacturer of surface finishing chemicals used to make computer chips, rigid memory disks and specialty optics.

When Rodel was sold in 1999, a significant portion of the proceeds was used to create the Rodel Foundations, nonprofit organizations in Arizona and Delaware dedicated to the improving the public education systems in both states so that they will be widely recognized as two of the best in the nation. Budinger then became chairman and founding director of the Rodel Foundations. In his work with the organizations, he has provided leadership for the development of two programs in partnership with Arizona State University: the Rodel Community Scholars program, which pairs deserving undergraduate students with local schools who benefit from their skills; and the Rodel Teacher Initiative, which identifies promising student teachers and pairs them with Rodel Exemplary Teachers in order to train highly effective teachers to serve in high-poverty schools.

Budinger also supports ASU’s future as a member of the university’s President’s Circle. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona.