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Can treadmill desks help keep us young?

Could walking while we work significantly improve our chances of living to a ripe old age? This is the question posed by BBC News writer Peter Bowes, who tried writing a news story for BBC while walking at a rate of 1 mph on a treadmill desk.

ASU's James Levine, co-director of the Obesity Solutions Initiative, was quoted in Bowes' article about the health benefits of using a treadmill desk to counter the many health risks of sitting all day, which include hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer and a predisposition to diabetes, to name a few. Download Full Image

"The evidence overwhelmingly suggests that prolonged sitting is shortening our lives and also our quality of life," says Levine.

The overall impact is "early death," writes Bowes. "Faced with such a litany of negative consequences, Levine has tested and promoted the concept of a treadmill desk as a way of countering the effects of modern day living."

Article Source: BBC News
Britt Lewis

Interim Communications Director, ASU Library