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California students increasingly attracted to ASU

California has become fertile ground for Arizona State University recruiters due to its abundance of academically qualified students. ASU is becoming a top choice for these students – the has seen 83 percent enrollment growth in undergraduates from California since 2006 – who are attracted to the university for many reasons, including its top academic programs, accessible faculty, small class size in comparison with most large public research universities, and competitive Pac-12 athletics. Last year ASU enrolled more freshmen from California than six of California State University's campuses. The benefit for ASU: quality students and higher out-of-state tuition. Of note -- ASU at Tempe continued to be the first most popular in-state university for Arizona freshman in 2010.

In this Chronicle of Higher Education story, reporters Eric Hoover and Josh Keller examine the growing trend for an increasing number students migrating away from home to attend college. California, a recrutiment interest for many universities, has many students who are being locked out of their state universities due to rising costs and enrollment caps. ASU has three full-time recruiters positioned in southern California, has an extremely active and visible alumni base, and regularly has ASU faculty and staff operating in the area. Download Full Image

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Article Source: Chronicle of Higher Education
Sharon Keeler