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ASU technology among 10 ideas to change the world

The CNN 10 recently asked: Where do good ideas come from? One answer was Arizona State University.

As part of its focus on innovation, CNN is honoring 10 emerging ideas in technology and related fields that have the potential to change the world. Coming in at No. 5, ASU's flexible display technology is featured for its ability to revolutionize consumer electronics.

"The mobile revolution has been won, but the smartphones and tablets that launched it have remained pretty much the same throughout. All that's about to change," writes CNN's Doug Gross, who spoke with Nick Colaneri, director of ASU's Flexible Electronics and Display Center.

"Foldable electronics, origami electronics … I'm not a design guy, but I've always said that once we made this capability available to the design community, who knows where they'll go with it?" Colaneri said.

The idea breakthrough came when ASU researchers discovered a material other than glass on which to build display panels – "paper-thin plastic substrates," writes Gross, or "thin slices of material that act as semiconductors.

"The first wave of consumer gadgets using that and similar technologies is under way, with more promised in the near future."

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Article Source: CNN
Britt Lewis

Interim Communications Director, ASU Library