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At ASU, student advising plays key role in college success

ASU’s eAdvisor system received praise in a recent NBC News article that appeared online last week.

“Arizona State’s eAdvisor, which was launched in 2008, puts the information students need online, night and day, and follows their progress as a live adviser would,” reports Jon Marcus for NBC News.

Marcus cited the benefits of the program at ASU, stating that “the proportion of freshmen who don’t return for sophomore year has fallen from 24 percent to 16 percent, much lower than the national average, and 42 percent graduate in four years – up from less than 26 percent in 1997, and almost double the proportion at public universities nationwide.”

The article also mentions another benefit of eAdvisor: “Since students are planning their courses in advance, it helps the university provide the right number of seats,” writes Marcus. “Not being able to get into required courses is another reason students take so long to graduate at other universities. At Arizona State, administrators say and students confirm, it almost never happens.” 

Article Source: NBC News
Juno Schaser

Event coordinator, Biodesign Institute