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ASU serves as model to University of Texas System

<p>Arizona State University best exemplifies the newly established Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) philosophy at University of Texas (UT), according to Richard Cherwitz, UT professor, who is helping to usher in the initiative.</p><p>In a <em>Texas Tribune</em> article about creating change at American public universities – specifically, the UT System – writer Reeve Hamilton reports on how universities can reach their fullest potential by way of transdisciplinary learning and research and the inclusion of entrepreneurship.</p><p>The efforts of ASU President Michael M. Crow figure prominently in the article as a kind of guide to universities that aim to improve academic quality while maintaining cost efficiency.</p><p>The article says:</p><p>"Since Michael Crow, previously a provost at Columbia University, took over as president in 2002, ASU has made strides to become the self-described 'New American University.' ... ‘You can’t operate the great public university on the New England liberal arts college model,’ said Crow, who has pushed ASU to not only improve its quality, but expand its enrollment in the process. ‘You can’t make a university great while being exclusive. You have to make the university great by achieving tremendous things while being inclusive.’</p><p>'Since Crow’s arrival, the ASU faculty has rapidly increased its number of members in groups like the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences. It now boasts three Nobel laureates. Included in Crow’s eight pillars of the New American University is ‘conduct use-inspired research.’ It’s fourth on the list – right below ‘value entrepreneurship.’”</p><p><em>To access the full article, click on the link below. </em></p>

Article Source: The Texas Tribune
Britt Lewis

Communications Specialist, ASU Library