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ASU president on the importance of math

ASU President Michael Crow and Jose Ferreira, founder and CEO of Knewton, an adaptive-learning company, spoke about the need for an educational revolution and the importance of math during a talk titled, “The Revolution Begins With Math” at the 2015 Aspen Ideas Festival.

“When it comes to education, we are still, in some ways, creatures of the Stone Age,” said Crow. “There are at least a dozen types of human intelligence, but we organize our society around two of them, analytical and verbal, and largely ignore the other ten. That calls for an educational revolution. The revolution begins with math.” Download Full Image

Ferreira goes on to compare math to civics, saying: “To be a good citizen in the future, you will increasingly need to be literate in math.

“Everyone is capable of it,” he said. “We are just not teaching it very well.”

Medium captured this conversation in a Q&A format, which can be viewed via the link below. To follow Ferreria’s and Crow’s responses, click on the read more links on the comments below the text.

Article Source: Medium
Lisa Robbins

editor/publisher, Media Relations and Strategic Communications