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ASU Polytechnic campus hosts NetZero conference

Alternative energy is a priority for the U.S. Department of Defense, and the department is encouraging universities and private industry to help soldiers save energy.

"Military officials invited enterprising businesses and researchers to Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus for a two-day event called 'NetZero and the Tactical Edge,'" writes Ryan Randazzo, of the Arizona Republic, who reported on the department officials' visit to ASU.

Randazzo said that about 200 people attended the event.  

He continues: "The conference let the Defense Department meet with those businesses and discuss ways to test the equipment and get the most useful technologies available to the front lines, said Col. Peter Newell, director of the Rapid Equipping Force in Virginia. The goal of the Army program is to get innovative technology in the hands of soldiers as quickly as possible."

Article Source: Arizona Republic