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ASU, Mayo Clinic researcher looks at immune response to cancer cells

May 3, 2013

Karen Anderson, clinical oncologist, professor in the School of Life Sciences and researcher at the Biodesign Institute, says she is doing the best research of her career at ASU.

Partnering with physicists and engineers, Anderson and her team are working to better understand how the immune response can be used to detect and alter cancer development. She says the new collaborative efforts with the Mayo Clinic, where she holds a joint appointment, provide an amazing opportunity to translate those advances into real measurable clinical impact.

"We all have healthy immune systems and yet cancer develops. How does that happen?" Anderson asks. "The question is how does cancer actively evade the immune system, and can we target it to enhance immune responses to help kill cancer cells?"

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Recently, Anderson appeared on the Eight, Arizona PBS show "Horizon" to discuss her research.

Britt Lewis

Communications Specialist, ASU Library