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ASU develops algae fuel source at Polytechnic campus

Writer Mike Sakal from the East Valley Tribune asks in a recent article: "Can Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus be a world leader in developing an alternate fuel source for transportation?"

"Directors of its Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation (AzCati) lab believe that it can," writes Sakal. "Right now, it's simply being called Arizona Crude."

Sakal reports on ASU's recent dedication of the Polytechnic campus' expanded AzCati center. He talks with leading algae researcher Milt Sommerfeld, who is co-director of the AzCati lab, and Tom Dempster, manager for the AzCati lab.

"Although making fuel from algae is not a new concept for alternative fuel sources, as it was first conceived during the Middle East's oil embargo on the United States in the late 1970s, AzCati plans to cement future partners into its ecosystem to advance the project," Sakal writes. "It currently has about 50 worldwide partners in the research and development project as well as numerous local organizations."

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Article Source: East Valley Tribune