October 24, 2019

Students who have successfully made the transition to ASU detail how far they've come

Mother of three Cassandra Pena went from getting her GED at 27 to earning her master's degree at Arizona State University. Roman Sierra started taking college courses while he was still in high school. Lorena Austin never felt like college was right for her — until she found her calling in public service.

And they all started on their paths toward becoming thriving Sun Devils at community colleges. 

ASU offers a wealth of resources to transfer students: Transfer student ambassadors, who transferred to ASU from an Arizona community college, are eager to help new transfer students as they transition from the community college to the university. A transfer guide allows students to track their college credits and create a degree map. Transfer specialists are there every step of the way to guide students through the process. Transfer pathway programs. Financial aid and scholarship assistance. 

It's all here to ensure broad access to quality education for any who seek to succeed.

To celebrate National Transfer Student Week, ASU Now spoke with several transfer students about their experiences:

Video by Deanna Dent/ASU Now

And hear more about individual students' stories: Lorena Austin | Heather Barnes | Cassandra Pena | Roman Sierra