The fall 2017 contestants presented companies in a diverse range of industries, including medical devices, sustainability solutions, enabling applications and consumer products. Second-place winner, Cody Constanbader from Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) shared his idea for SureStrap, a locking tie-down strap that can prevent the theft of vehicles and valuable cargo. 

In third place was Todd Hoffman, also from PVCC. He pitched Ddot Technologies, which provides accurate blood testing systems that patients can use from home, then download the results to their doctor’s offices.

Tracy Lea, the evening’s master of ceremony and assistant director of venture development at E+I, praised all the contestants for their innovative solutions and perseverance. She also provided sage advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Keep on with your idea, even if you don’t succeed at first,” she said. “Failure can be the first step to where you want to go.”

The following finalists also presented at the Cisco Innovation Challenge:

Charlotte Hazzard, South Mountain Community College
Hushupbra/Ctear Management: A bra designed to alleviate skin irritation and relieve back pain

Anthem Pleasant, Glendale Community College
Postal Notice: A system to notify mobility-impaired users of mail delivery

Michael Renteria, Chandler Gilbert Community College
Knight Guard: A portable emergency and lifesaving system

Siavash Sabet, Paradise Valley Community College
Get-up: A device that reminds desk workers to stand and be active during the day

Hurshid Sadikov, Paradise Valley Community College
Sight Interactive Mobility Device (SIM): A multiple-solution portable device for people who are blind

Written by Susan Beauchamp