Once completed and not too far in the distant future, the club-level area will be open for internal and external groups to host a variety of events as part of Sun Devil Stadium 365, a concept to turn the stadium into a year-round cultural hub for people of all ages to participate in various sponsored activities and dining.  

“You’ve got to have nice facilities that attract people to your campus, to your community, to your venue, to your games,” Anderson said. “When we have facilities like this that will be that magnet, then you know you’re doing something purposeful, and hopefully have an impact on your community beyond wins and losses for Sun Devil Athletics.”

The goal is to create a go-to venue with many amenities where people know they can visit and have a good time.

 “It’s a destination,” Anderson said. “This belongs to the public. It’s not just Sun Devil Athletics.”

Jerry Gonzalez

Media Relations Officer, Media Relations and Strategic Communications