”The relevance of a program like this is in being able to apply its principles to address societal challenges,” said Patience Ogwara, workshop participant and programmes manager at New Nigeria Foundation. “The opportunity to do this, using the Lagos context, was personally and professionally enriching.”

Development and delivery of the course was funded by a grant from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. Earlier this year, ASU became a Pioneer University of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s prestigious international Circular Economy 100 (CE100) network. The CE100 is composed of premier institutions from across Europe and the U.S. tasked with researching and developing innovations and solutions that encourage a more circular economy.  

“Our hope is to deliver this learning experience to as many people as possible throughout the fast-developing world of Africa, Latin America and Asia,” Buch said.

As part of the grant, the next circular economy workshop will take place in June in Phoenix.

Communications and social media specialist , Walton Sustainability Solutions Inititatives